My son LOVES to act in film. Back in February we signed him with a local talent agent, TALENT TREK. He’s had a few auditions since then and two paid bookings, but while we waiting for his career to blossom, we are looking for opportunities to help him grow experience. So this summer we found a cool opportunity for him to play a lead role in a Carson-Newman student’s film, Pressure.


I was so mad at myself and bummed. I just wasn’t thinking! And it’s not something that I have to deal with every day, so why would I?
The condo we stayed at was as cold as an icebox and taking my camera from the icebox out into a warm-Jersey-Shore-kind-of-day was not the way to have a successful family photoshoot. Thankfully, they were family and therefore could be a little bit more understanding. This is the only pose that I could salvage. I’m thankful that I can now give them images with higher resolution for prints and thankful, also, that there were cell phones in abundance that day.