Hiking to Charles Bunion

Having to create a video that was less than three minutes was very challenging. The hike was six hours long and I recorded a total of 10 mins and 40 secs. But it helped me prioritize which video clips would show the viewer the best of Charles Bunion and hiking. Song: Have You Ever byContinue reading “Hiking to Charles Bunion”

My First Collage

It snowed the night before the Super Bowl and everything was white, including my father-in-law’s parking meter. I saw eyes with bushy eye brows and thick eyelashes, so I turned them into a collage. Growing up, I was a fan of scaring myself with horror movies, and also, a fan of Jack Nicholson. ©Amy Strange

Teachers Encourage Families & Community

I don’t feel stressed over this whole COVID-19 virus, but I know that I am because of these four things: I’m grinding my teeth again at night. I cried when I found out that World Market would be closing to the public. Again, when I found out that World Market would extend it’s closure untilContinue reading “Teachers Encourage Families & Community”